Personal Information Protection Policy | 学会の業務委託なら「PCOスマートカンファレンス」


Personal Information Protection Policy 

We, all the board members and the employees at PCO Co., Ltd., recognize that your personal information that we handle to offer services and operation and conduct business including SMART conference is an integral part of your privacy and so we comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and continue to live up to your expectations and trust in our company. 

 Acquisition of personal information

Acquisition of personal information shall be done by lawful and fair means. 

◎ Use of personal information

We identify and clarify as much as possible the purpose of the use of the personal information we acquire. The use of acquired personal information shall be conducted within the scope of the purpose by the persons who have authority according to specific business within the scope necessary for business.

◎ Disclosing / providing personal information to a third party

Except for the following cases, we by no means disclose or provide personal information to a third party without your consent.

1.In case of disclosing or providing personal information to a subcontractor within the scope necessary for business.

2.In case of business successions due to mergers, company splits, sale of a business, etc.

3.In other cases where disclosing or providing personal information is permitted by applicable law.

◎ Safety management of personal information

- security control measures

We take necessary and appropriate countermeasures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, tampering, or leakage of personal information, etc.

◎ Disclosure, correction of personal information and discontinuance of the use of it

In case you make a request for disclosing, correcting personal information or discontinuing the use of personal information, we will handle your request after confirming your identity.

◎ Compliance with laws and regulations

We continuously review the contents of this privacy policy and try to improve them as well as comply with laws and other norms related to dealing with personal information.

Handling personal information

1.Definition of personal information

The definition of personal information in this “Handling personal information” is in accordance with that in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act no.57 of 2003).

2.Purposes of the use of personal information.

The purposes of the use of personal information concerning the services and operation of our company including SMART Conference (hereinafter referred to as “the services of our company”) are as follows.

1.Users’ personal authentication and service offering

2.Distributing and sending various notifications, e-mail magazines, DM, news, advertisements, etc. from our company

3.Processing, collecting statistics of and analyzing personal information that we have acquired for the purpose of the services of our company.

4.Storage as a user database and its analysis

5.Sending questionnaires, sales campaign, monitor recruitment, interviews and giving presents.

6.Confirming and responding to opinions, inquiries, etc. regarding the services of our company.

7.Distributing and displaying advertisements and contents, etc. based on the attribute information, terminal information, location information and action history information, and offering the services of our company.

8.Conducting investigations into prohibited actions stated in our terms of use such as various application acts for commercial or diversion purposes、various multiple applications, transfer of rights and registration of false information.

9.Developing and improving the services of our company, as well as carrying out research on, analyzing and implementing marketing of the services of our company.

10.As to personal information of our employees including but not limited to the candidates of employees, providing information and notification to prospective employees, conducting employment selection, notification as an employee, labor management, and records.

11.For purposes related to the purposes of use stated above.

※Personal information management in hosting organizations such as academic societies.
We will provide personal information to a third party such as an academic society based on your consent through registration of participation, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

3.Providing personal information to a third party

We by no means provide personal information to a third party
unless you give your consent to such implementation or the related laws and regulations permit.


We are not liable for the following cases of acquisition of personal information by a third party.

  • 1.You yourself disclose your personal information using the services of our company or by other means.
  • 2.You yourself provide your personal information on an external website linked from the services of our company and the information has been used.
  • 3.Someone other than yourself acquires your personal identifiable information such as the member’s ID password.
  • 5.Handling credit card information

    We handle credit card information entrusted to us as follows.

      1.Purpose of the use
      To settle payments for goods and services you have purchased.

      2.Information acquirer
      PCO Co., Ltd.

      3.Information receivers
      Various settlement companies and various settlement agencies

      4.Retention period
      We outsource the business of credit card settlement and registration to a settlement agency, “GMO Payment Gateway Inc.” through its means of settlement, “PG Multi-payment Service”. After your credit card information is disclosed to GMO Payment Gateway Inc., we no longer retain it.

    6.Consignment of handling personal information

    We outsource part of our business to some subcontractors in order to provide you with better services. We might consign the transaction of handling personal information to them.

    7.Request for disclosure of personal information, etc.

    We will respond to the following requests from the individual in accordance with laws and regulations regarding personal information stored as retained personal data that identifies the individual:

    (i) disclosure or notification of the purpose of use
    (ii) correction, addition, or deletion
    (iii) suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision to a third party
    (iv) disclosure, etc. of records of provision to a third party. Procedures for disclosure or notification demand documents that can confirm that you are the principal or his/her agent. However, if the case falls under the exception that is stipulated by law, we may not disclose or notify all or part of them. If that is the case, we notify you of the decision without delay. As for the details about request for disclosure or anything, please refer to the following complaints and consultations counter concerning personal information.。

    8.Change in handling of personal information

    Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, we reserve the right to change our privacy policy and handling of personal information at any time. The content after the change shall be posted on our website. Two weeks after its posting, those users who still continue to use the services of our company will be viewed as having given consent to the changed privacy policy and the changed handling of personal information.

    9.Inquiries about handling personal information

    Inquiries about handling personal information shall be dealt with as follows.
    1.Confirmation, etc. of information registered on My Page for our services, etc. Please log in to My Page from the TOP page with your e-mail address and password to check your information.
    You can correct or delete your personal information by your own operation.
    2.Other inquiries Other inquiries about handling personal information (including the case where you have trouble proceeding with the above No.1) will be dealt with “Inquiry form” on our website. We will reply to you within around 3 business days.

    ◎ Complaints and consultations counter concerning personal information

    Inquiries about personal information will be dealt with at the following.

    ■PCO Co., Ltd. Support Desk 
    6F, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
    2-1-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0022, Japan